So, having had a read of Teacher Geek, by Rachel Jones (@RLJ1981) over the Summer, I took away her idea of using chalk pens for writing on windows.  As I don’t have very many prominent display boards in my Library, I thought that using the windows, of which I have loads, would be a great way to utilise them to share information and ideas.

So, having bought a set from ebay, I have been gradually filling up some of the windows with literary and inspirational quotes.  The best bit has been getting the pupils involved, and I have had plenty of them wanting to have a go.  Below are photos of some of their work:

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Additionally, I have used these to share information, like adding our opening times, book and homework club times, and advertise e-resources.

This has, at the very least, been an additional way of using display with an eye-catching and alternative method.  A little further to this, it has encouraged pupil-lead engagement with the Library, and an extension to creative tasks for my book clubs and regular Library-goers.