My book bloggers group have been creating READ posters in our lessons for the last two lessons.  The idea was taken from Georgia Library Media Association’s blog post ‘READ posters are cool?’ (http://glma.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/read-posters-are-cool/).  Pupils were put into groups and asked to think of ideas for the kind of poster they wanted to create.  We discussed what made a good poster, using the examples on the GLMA blog.  They brainstormed together, and after sharing our ideas as a class, groups were given a camera to shoot their images.

Once they had the photos they wanted, they were show how to use Picnik to edit their image to create a READ poster.

So what?

This was an interesting, practical activity to do with a group of book lovers.  It was an opportunity to try something a little different with the group, using technology and media to create something new.  From my own perspective, it was an opportunity to plan a lesson/activity that was out of my comfort zone, giving the pupils the chance to take a lead, be creative and independent.

Below are the posters that the groups created:

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What now?

This will be something I will certainly try again with other groups in the future.  I will use the experience to tweak the lesson, bringing in more time and structure to looking at what makes a strong image for a poster, and the planning of the images they want to capture.  This will ensure pupils have a more thoughtful approach to creating their images, and hopefully better final products.