I recently completed training on our new VLE platform, which is provided by FROG.  The Academy is in the process of phasing out our current VLE, from SERCO, and as one of the Academy’s VLE Champions, I received training on the new system.  I will be expected to be an advocate for the new system and play a lead in developing content and training staff in how to use it.

So What?

From the training, I now have a basic knowledge of the new system, and literature which will support my skills in learning how to use it competently.  I can navigate the site, create and publish content and have an insight into the capabilities of the platform.

The training has built on my own ICT skills, introducing me to this new system, which I will experiment and play with over the coming weeks in order to become more familiar with, and skilled in, using it.

The training was essential in order for me to begin developing the Library’s presence on the new VLE platform.  Some of the features that caught my attention were:

  • Ability to build interactive forms, questionnaires, surveys etc.
  • Embedding of multimedia, including video, audio and flash
  • Forums
  • Embedding external website within page frames
  • Document sharing

Overall it was the capacity of the system to do a huge amount of different things, and in a way that can be completely bespoke to suit your needs.  It seems as though this will be an excellent resources that the Library will be able to utilise in a range of different ways, such as:

  • Pupil opinions/comments
  • Discussions
  • Showcasing pupil work
  • Advertising new resources
  • Providing access to subject-specific resources
  • Creating interactive Library tutorials
  • Access to the Library catalogue

What Next?

After speaking with the member of staff responsible for the Academy’s ICT systems, I will now begin to develop pages for the Library using the new VLE platform.  I think that, in order for me to begin this process, I will need to plan the following elements:

  1. Objectives – what do I want the Library’s VLE pages to achieve?  This should inform the planning process and all content included on the platform.
  2. Pages and structure – what pages will be included within the Library’s area on the platform, and how will these be structured?
  3. Content – what will these pages include, in terms of their content?
  4. Layout and design – what layout and design will the pages use?

I think that it will be important to go through these stages in order to effectively plan what I want to achieve and create, before I actually begin creating the web-pages themselves.  This will ensure I have structure and order in place, which can be followed, in order to create something that is both coherent and useful to users.

I will update this post with planning documents and my first efforts in creating content.