I delivered a short, 15-minute introduction to Netvibes, during staff CPD session. I was asked by the Deputy Head to present on using the internet for personal learning, a follow up to his session about Teachers TV and TES online.

I gave an overview of what Netvibes is, then showed staff how I use the resource. I talked through the various tools and RSS feeds that I have on my private dashboard. I then talked them through an example dashboard (http://www.netvibes.com/oaelibrarian#General) I had set up with resources staff might be interested in, such as feeds from TES, Twitter, NLT, Guardian etc.

Reflecting upon the session, it was delivered very much from the front and so was not particularly hands-on. Staff were merely watching what I was showing them, and so did not have anything practical to do. This meant the session was quite limiting in that staff were shown something, and then if they were interested in it they could follow it up in their own time.  Therefore, after the session I emailed staff offering a more detailed follow-up masterclass, for those who might be interested, or one-to-one help if they would prefer.

I received some positive comments after the session, which made me feel that some staff felt it was useful. The member of staff who asked me to deliver the session was particularly pleased, and so I feel that it met his expectations too.  Three members of staff emailed me to say they found the session helpful and interesting, and a number of other spoke with me to say that they had begun to experiment with Netvibes.  This feedback has helped me to reflect positively on the session, and believe that it was useful to at least some of those who were present.

The session gave me the opportunity to share my practice with staff. It forced me to reflect on how I use the resource, and ascertain how it might be used by others, which was particularly valuable.  We have discussed the possibility of setting up a dashboard for the Academy, with core sources for a range of subjects and departments, and so I will work on this in the coming weeks to see how this might be developed.