I have just finished a piece for the SLG newsletter and emailed it to Sarah Pavey, the editor. The article is about my dissertation project, which researched the role of the school Librarian and their potential impact upon pupils’ information literacy.

I felt that it would be a good opportunity to share my research with my peers (being one of the standards for CILIP Chartership) and that, hopefully, it would prove to be interesting reading. Both attempting to summarise my research into 400 words, and adapting the style of writing from more “academic” to professional and reader-friendly, were a challenge. You become so used to writing about particular subjects/topics in a particular form that it becomes second nature to express yourself in that way when writing about them for different audiences. I hope, therefore, that I managed to adapt successfully!

This built upon an opportunity I recently took to share my findings with other, where I spoke about the research at my local (Enfield) school Librarians group meeting. For this meeting, I was able to prepare a handout that was a little more detailed and discuss the project with my peers. I felt this was a valuable chance to talk about information literacy with the group and discuss our experiences in attempting to engage with the issue in our respective contexts.

Both attempts at disseminating my research, and engaging in discussion, among fellow professionals have forced me to revisit my work. This has been useful as, after a period of six months and some “intellectual/emotional distance”, allowed me to reflect on the value of the project, and the lessons I should take from it and utilise in my own practice.

I will upload both documents to the blog in the coming days.